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  (In the centre of the picture :  The library of the Nice observatory by Disderi, photograph  - Source : "Observatoire de Nice, souvenir de la conférence géodésique de 1887" )

Overview of the heritage collections of the library of Nice observatory

At its foundation, the library of the Nice observatory was richly endowed with specialized  resources in astronomy and related disciplines, as can be seen in volume 1 of the Annals of the Nice Observatory published in 1899. This volume contains the first library catalog which includes 6200 volumes and 30 periodicals.

In 2012 the library has written a second heritage catalog with detailed bibliographical notes.


Title Description

Catalog of the heritage collections of the library of  the Nice Observatory / by the OCA library  (s.l.) : (s.n.) : 2012

Image bibnum20catalogue historique
(external access)

 A reproduction of the originally catalog published in vol. 1 of  the Annals of Nice observatory (1899).

 This second catalog contains :
  • a detailed bibliographic record of each document,
  •  the book shelf number,
  •  a link on the digital version available externally,
  •  Information on deficiencies or errors.  


In October 2011, the OCA Library launched a digitization program of its old and contemporary collections for conservation and research purposes. Now, more than 1000 pages have been digitized and ocerized. Below, you will find the results of this work.

The digital collections    

​First, the OCA library has chosen to digitalize the collections relating to the history of the institute . The objective is to facilitate the work of historical research on people, buildings, administrative or scientific activities.


Title Description

Annales de l'Observatoire de Nice
image bibnum24 annales obs nice

Describes the buildings, the instruments, the people, and the research conducted at OCA during the period 1887-1911.

This publication contains 14 volumes in 17 parts digitized by the OCA library in OCR version with the exception of the 2 atlas (accessible via external links)

(Free access)

(1996- présent)

image biblionews camille

News in OCA libraries since 1997 to the present time. - Variante of title : Nouveauté dans les URA (1996)

(restricted access by OCA IP addresses)

Bulletin - ADION

image bibnum22 adion2

This periodical presents the ADION's activities and some highlights of the scientific activity of the Nice Observatory from 1974 to 2003.  -  Previous title : Bulletin  d'information - Association pour le développement  international de l'Observatoire de Nice (n.1,1964-n.10,1973) 

For more details on ADION, see below.

Note : n.23 is never released.

(OCR version. Restricted access by OCA IP addresses)

Bulletin d'information - Assoc. pour le dévelop. internat. de l'Obs. de Nice

Image bibnum21 adion1

This periodical presents the ADION's activities and some highlights of the scientific activity of the Nice Observatory from 1964 to 1973. -  Next title : Bulletin - ADION (n.11,1974-n.37,2003)

Originally, the aim of ADION was to promote the international activities of the Nice Observatory in the field of astrophysics, to award scholarships and operating grants to french and foreign researchers, to help in the installation of an International Astrophysics Center. It was also to host foreign researchers and to organize regularly symposiums on astrophysics (In 1962).

According to the 1989 Convention, ADION 's activity could be summarized as a newsletter, the reception of foreign researchers and the award of the ADION Medal.

(restricted access by OCA IP addresses)

Bulletin de l'Observatoire de Nice

image bibnum26 BulletinObsNice

Calculus relating to comets or asteroids. Observations at the Alger observatory and the Nice Observatory between 1926-1931.

"En accord avec Mr. Bosler, Directeur de l'observatoire de Marseille, nous nous chargeons désormais des calculs relatifs aux comètes ou astéroïdes et de la publication correspondante, effectués jusqu'à présent par l'observatoire de Marseille".  (G. Fayet in Bulletin de l'Obs. de Nice, n.1,1926)

(restricted access by OCA IP addresses)

 Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Géodynamiques et Astronomiques (Le)   / J. Kovalevsky. - Grasse : CERGA , 1975 . - 1 vol. (16 p.)

image CERGA1975

  (this title will soon be available online)

1881-1981, cent ans d'astronomie à l'Observatoire de Nice  / A. Clorennec ; R. Feldman ; J.-P. Zahn et al. - Nice : Obs. de Nice, 1981 . - 1 vol. (56 p.)

image 100 ANS icone

 Book written on the occasion of the centenary of the Nice Observatory : it tells 100 years of history.

(restricted access by OCA IP addresses)

 Gazette de l'OCA  (La)

image bibnum25 gazetteOCA

The OCA internal newletter, 2006-2011. -  Previous title  : L'  (n.1,2005-n.17,2006)

(restricted access by OCA IP addresses)


image bibnum27 ocacom

The OCA internal newletter, 2005-2006 . -  New title  : La Gazette de l'OCA (n.18,2006-n.183,2011)

(restricted access by OCA IP addresses)

These collections can also be consulted via the online catalog of the OCA library



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