ASTEP Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • TOI-1231 b: A Temperate, Neptune-sized Planet Transiting the Nearby M3 Dwarf NLTT 24399, Burt, J. A., et al. (2021), 2021AJ....162...87B
  • Populating the brown dwarf and stellar boundary: Five stars with transiting companions near the hydrogen-burning mass limit, Grieves, N., et al. (2021), 2021A&A...652A.127G
  • TOI-3362b: A Proto Hot Jupiter Undergoing High-eccentricity Tidal Migration, Dong, J., et al. (2021), 2021ApJ...920L..16D
  • Warm Jupiters in TESS Full-frame Images: A Catalog and Observed Eccentricity Distribution for Year 1, Dong, J., et al. (2021), 2021ApJS..255....6D
  • Precise Transit and Radial-velocity Characterization of a Resonant Pair: The Warm Jupiter TOI-216c and Eccentric Warm Neptune TOI-216b, Dawson, R. I., et al. (2021), 2021AJ....161..161D
  • The β Pictoris b Hill sphere transit campaign. I. Photometric limits to dust and rings, Kenworthy, M. A., et al. (2021), 2021A&A...648A..15K
  • Cluster Difference Imaging Photometric Survey. II. TOI 837: A Young Validated Planet in IC 2602, Bouma, L. G., et al. (2020), 2020AJ....160..239B
  • Towards ASTEP+, a two-color photometric telescope at Dome C, Antarctica, Crouzet, N., et al. (2020), 2020SPIE11447E..0OC
  • Evidence for an additional planet in the β Pictoris system, Lagrange et al (2019), 2019NatAs...3.1135L
  • Revisiting the pulsational characteristics of the exoplanet host star β Pictoris, Zwintz, K., et al. (2019), 2019A&A...627A..28Z 
  • Four winters of photometry with ASTEP South at Dome C, Antarctica, Crouzet et al. (2018), 2018A&A...619A.116C
  • The δ Scuti pulsations of β Pictoris as observed by ASTEP from Antarctica, Mékarnia et al. (2017), 2017A&A...608L...6M
  • Transiting planet candidates with ASTEP 400 at Dome C, Antatica. Mékarnia et al. (2016), MNRAS 463, 45
  • A Catalog of Eclipsing Binaries and Variable Stars Observed with ASTEP 400 from DOME C, Antarctica. Chapellier et al. (2016), ApJ 226, 21
  • Six winters of photometry from DomeC, Antarctica: challenges, improvements, and results from the ASTEP experiment. 2016, SPIE, 9908E
  • Thermalizing a telescope in Antarctica - analysis of ASTEP observations. Guillot et al. (2015), AN, 336, 638
  • Transit Search from Antarctica and Chile - Comparison and Combination. Fruth et al. (2014), PASP, 126 227
  • The secondary eclipses of WASP-19b as seen by the ASTEP 400 telescope from Antarctica. Abe et al. (2013), A&A, 553, 49.
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