Run remote December 2020 (Denis&Fred)

19 Dec 2020: final night of CHARA/VEGA

after 509 nights with data, almost 770 different stars and 8500 individual recordings.

See you soon with CHARA/SPICA!

UT 2020-12-19 pdfReport (really poor conditions, bad quality data) V27 eps Aur 2x E1E2
    V66, gam Cas, phi Per, zet Tau, 1xE1E2
    V38, HD89021 2xW1W2
UT 2020-12-18  High winds and humidity - No observations  
UT 2020-12-17 pdfReport (and clouds from the middle of night) V67 HD198809 W1W2 (4pts)
V66: gCas, phi Per, zet Tau (1xW1W2 each)
UT 2020-12-16  pdfReport V66: gCas, phi Per, bet CMi, zet Tau 2xW1W2 each 
V38: HD27962 (4xW1W2), HD97633 (4xW1W2)

Run remote November 2020 (Isabelle)

UT 2020-11-24 pdfReport V66 bet CMi, zet Tau E1E2 (4,3) and W1W2 (1,1)
UT 2020-11-23 pdfReport V66 phi Per, bet CMi, zet Tau S1S2 (1,3,3)
UT 2020-11-22  pdfReport V27 eps Aur MR656 3xE1E2
V66 gCas, phi Per, bet CMi, zet Tau E1E2 (2,1,1,1)
UT 2020-11-21  pdfReport  V27 eps Aur S1S2 HR656, 2pt
V66 gCas, phi Per, bet CMi, zet Tau S1S2 (1,1,2,2)+E1E2 (1,1,1,1)  

Run October 2020 Cancelled

Run September 2020 Cancelled

Run remote August 2020 (Karine)

UT 2020-08-30 pdfReport  V70: P Cyg (3xW1W2)
     V67 HD5015 (3xE2W2)
     V38 HD3360 (3xE2W2) + HD35468 (5xE2W2)
UT2020-08-29 pdfReport  V67: HD164507 (1xS2W2 poor)
     V38: HD3360 (5xS2W2) + HD33959A (3xS2W2)
UT2020-08-28 pdfReport  V67: HD164504 (4xE2W2)
     V70 P Cygni (4xS1S2)
     V38 HD35468 (1xE2W2 bad cal)
     V27: HD31964 (1xS1S2HR, 2xS1S2MR)
UT2020-08-27 pdfReport  V67: HD164507 (2xE2W2) + HD5015 (4xE2W2)
     V70 P Cygni (5xW1W2)
UT2020-08-26 pdfReport  V67: HD164507 3xE2W2
     V38: HD3360 (5xE2W2) + HD33959A (4xE2W2)
UT2020-08-25    Technical issue with red detector acquisition: no obs
 Technical issue with red detector acquisition: no obs


Run remote July 2020 (Orlagh)

UT 2020-07-21 Report  V70: HD197345 1xS1S2
     V01: HD133112: 2xE2W2
     V70: HD193237: 4xS1S2 (656) +1xS1S2 (720) + 1xW1W2
UT2020-07-20 Report  V01: HD133112 1xE2W2
  V67: HD187217 5xE2W2
    V38: HD11415 3xE2W2
UT2020-07-19 pdfReport V01: HD133112 2xS2W1
    V38 HD11415 45xS2W1
    V67: HD187217 1.5xW1W2
UT2020-07-18 pdfReport V01: HD133112: 1.5xE2W1
    V67 HD187217 2xW1W2
    V38 HD11415 3.5xE2W1
UT2020-07-17 pdfReport V70: P Cygni: 3.5xE1E2, 1xE1E2 (ND0.3), 1xE1E2 (ND0.6), 3.5xW1W2
UT2020-07-16 pdfReport V01: HD133112: 1xS1W1
    V70 P Cyg 0.5xS1S2, 1xS1S2 (ND0.3) 
UT2020-07-15 pdfReport V01: HD133112: 1xS1W1
    V70 PCYg: 3.5xE1E2, 1xE1E2 (ND0.3)

Run remote June 2020 (Nicolas)

UT 2020-06-16 pdfReport Poor night  
    V67 HD187217 1xS2W2 (poor)  
UT2020-06-15 pdfReport Good night, a small technical issue at the end  
    V01: HD133112: 2xE2W2  
    V38: HD89021: 3xE2W2  
    V67: HD5015 2xE2W2  
UT2020-06-14 pdfReport High humidity  
    V67 HD5015: 4xE2W2  
    V70 Pcyg: 3xS1S2  
UT 2020-06-13 pdfReport Poor seeing and some issues  
    V70: P Cyg 4xE1E2+2xS1S2   
UT 2020-06-11 pdfReport Some technical issues  
    V01 HR5599 2xS1W1  
    V67 HD187217 3xS2W2  
UT 2020-06-10 pdfReport Good night, full AO  
    V67 HD89211 2xW1W2  
    V38 HD160762 3xE1W1  
    V70 PCyg 2xW1W2  
UT 2020-06-09 pdfReport Clear night with improved seeing r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
    V67: HD89221, 2xW1W2  
    V38: HD160762, 4xE1W1  


Run remote March 2020 (Denis&Fred)  pdfREPORT

 UT 2020-03-09    No observations. High RH all the night  
 UT 2020-03-08    No observations. Fog and humidity  
 UT 2020-03-07  pdfReport  Night with a lot of thin clouds passing  
      V01: S1W2 1xHD97658   (poor quality)
      V38: E1E2W2 3xHD114330, 2xHD58142  
      V72 bet CMi, 3x W1W2  
 UT 2020-03-06 pdf Report  AO Eng then Clouds then good holes for the end of night
     V67 E2W2: 3x HD89221  
     V38: 1xE1E2W2 HD58142, 1xS2E2W2 HD149438  no cal for HD58142
UT 2020-03-05  pdfReport Some thin clouds but decent night  r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
     V67: S1S2: 2xHD27371, 2xHD27697  
     V72: S1S2: 2x bet CMi  
     V01: HD97658: 3xS1W2 + 2xE2S2
     V38: HD149438 1xS2E2W2  (poor quality)
UT 2020-03-04 pdfReport Nice night with good seeing conditions  r0 (pdfplot and txtdata)
      V67 S1S2: 3xHD27371, 2xHD27697  
      V72 E1E2: 3xbet CMi  
      V38 E1E2W2: 1xHD114330, 3xHD145389, 3x HD152107   
UT2020-03-03  pdfReport  High wind - No observations  r0 (pdfplot and txtdata

2016 December 10th to 13th (Remote run)

  • UT2016-12-13: no obs. Clouds. (report)
  • UT2016-12-12: (report)
    • V01 HD219314 S1S2 2 pts
    • V66 HD37202 E1E2 1pt W1W2 2 pts
    • V66 HD4180 E1E2 1pt
    • V43 HD43587 S2W2 1 pt
    • V43 HD50890 W1W2 1 pt
    • V50 HD103095 W1W2 3pts
  • UT2016-12-11: (report)
    • V66: HD37202 1pt E1E2 (not great)
  • UT2016-12-10: (report)
    • V66: HD37202 3pts S1S2 (not excellent)
    • V67: HD6386 2 calibrated pts S1S2 (fringes not stable)
    • V50: HD85503 1 calibrated pt S1S2 (fringes not stable)
    • V50: HD107328 1 calibrated pt S1S2 (fringes not stable)

2016 November 19th to 23rd (Remote run)

  • UT2016-11-23: (report)
    • V66 S1S2 HD203467 2pts, HD212076 2pts, HD215571 2pts
    • V66 W1W2 HD37202 1 pt
    • V67 HD4526 W2S2 2 pts
    • V50 HD22879 S1W1 2pts
    • V43 HD52265 W2S2W1 2 pts
  • UT2016-11-22: Clouds and humidity, no observations
  • UT2016-11-21: heavy rains, no observations
  • UT2016-11-20: (report) partly and frustaly cloudy
    • V66 HD203467 W1W2 3pts
    • V01 HD219134 W1W2 4 pts
    • V43 HD43587 S2W2 2pts (partly cloudy)
  • UT2016-11-19: (report) First part ok but gusts up and r0 down after middle of the night.
    • V66 HD209409 E1E2 3pts
    • V01 HD219134 E1E2 3 pts
    • V67 HD6386 E1E2 3pts
    • V16 HD42659 E1E2W1 1 pt
    • V43 HD52265 S2W2W1 2pts (degraded quality)
    • V43 HD50890 W1W2 1pt (poor quality)

2016 September 20th to October 1st VEGA + FRIEND (MWI)

  • UT2016-10-01: (report) Night #12 as r0
    • V67 HD185657 E2W2 3pts
    • V00 test Low Resolution 680 2pts E1E2W2 on HD192696 (check, dia=0.5)
    • V58 gam Cas E1E2W2W1 4 pts R720, 4pts B656
    • V58 gam Cas E1E2W2 Low Resolution 680, 1 pt
    • FRIEND gam Cas E1E2W2 + bet Aur
  • UT2016-09-30: (report) excellent night
    • V67 HD182896 E2W2 2 pts
    • V16 HD220825 E1W2W1 4 pts
    • FRIEND: E1W2W1 gam Cas 8pts + many other stars
  • UT2016-09-29: (report) a smooth productive night. r0=10/11cm
    • V58: gam Cas S2E2W2W1 3pt R720 and 3pt B656
    • FRIEND: gam Cas E1E2W2: 8 calibrated points
  • UT2016-09-28: (report) clouds all along the night.
  • UT2016-09-27: (report) r0 between 9 and 12cm. Stable
    • FRIEND Night on the fiber birefringence and instrument stability
  • UT2016-09-26: (report) r0 4cm 1st 1/2n, then 6-7cm
    • V58 gCas S1S2 B656 & R720 3pts each (HA additional to 24/09)
    • Second half of the night for engineering tests on FRIEND
  • UT2016-09-25: (report): r0 from 4 to 3cm. Nothing on the sky.
  • UT2016-09-24:(report) r0 from 3 to 8-9cm
    • V52 eta Aql S1S2: 4 pts but cal difficult.
    • V58 gCas S1S2 B656 & R770: 6 pts each
  • UT2016-09-23: no clouds, no humidity but high winds
  • UT2016-09-22: high humidity all along the night
  • UT2016-09-21: clouds and then 100% humidity for the whole night
  • UT2016-09-20 (report) clouds all along the night
    • Validation of new on-sky alignement procedure, without M10 and tiptilt, but with PERI and M6. (SkyAlignement.pdf)
    • V58 : E1W1S2S1 1 pt; W1S2 1pt

2016 August 19th to 25th VEGA (7 nights) remotely from Calern (Isa)

  • UT2016-08-25 (report)
    • V01 :  E2W1 : HD189733 2pts - HD 209458 : 2 pts
    • V16 : E1E2W1 : HD220825 1pt
    • V66 : E1E2 1 pt: HD212076, HD212571, HD217891, HD20336, HD203467. 2pts: HD4180, HD22192.
  • UT2016-08-24 (report)
    • V01 :  W2E1 : HD189733 2pts - HD 209458 : 3 pts - HD 219134 : 2 pts.
    • V66 : W2W1 : HD212571 : 1 pt - HD212076 : 1 pt.
    • V67 : HD214028 W2W1 : 3 pts.
  • UT2016-08-23 (report)
    • V50: HD221170 W2E2 4 pts
    • V66: HD212076 W2W1 1pt, HD 4180 1pt, HD217891 1pt, HD22192 1 pt, HD20336 1 pt
    • V67: HD185657 W2E2 2pts, HD182896 1pt, HD214028 3 pts W2W1
  • UT2016-08-22 (report)
    • V43b: HD181907 W2W1 3 pts
    • V01 HD189733 S2W1 2 pts
    • V01 HD209458 S2W1 3 pts
    • V66 HD212076 S2S1 2pts, HD 212571 1pt, HD217891 1pt
  • UT2016-08-21 (report)
    • V43b: HD181907 W2W1 3 pts
    • V67 HD185657 W2E2 2 pt
    • V67 HD182896 W2E2 1 pt
    • V50 HD221170 W2E2 1pt (poor)
    • V01 HD219134 W2E2 2 pts
    • V66 HD4180 W2W1 1pt
  • UT2016-08-20 (report)
    • V16: HD153882 E2W1W2 1 pt
    • V16: HD188041 E2E1W1 2 pts
    • V16: HD204441 E2E1W1 2 pts
    • V16 HD220825 E2E1W1 1 pt
    • V66 HD212076, HD212571 E1E2, 1 pt each
  • UT2016-08-19 (report)
    • V66: HD191610 S1S2 1pt
    • V52: eta Aql S1S2 5 pts, E1E2 2 pts
    • V16: HD204411 E2E1W1 2 pts

2016 July 23th to 31th VEGA (9 nights) remotely from Calern (Nicolas et al.)

  • UT2016-07-31 (report) humidity at the end of the night
    • V01: HD189733 1pt W2E1
  • UT2016-07-30 (report)
    • V16b: HD112185 W1W2
    • V52: Eta Aql 4pts S1S2 at Rmin (phi=0.90)
    • V50: W2E2 HD221170 (2pts)
    • V67: W2E2 HD185657 (2pts)
  • UT2016-07-29 (report): ro=8cm
    • V43: W1W2 HD165341B (4pts)
    • V67: W2E2 HD185657 (3pts)
    • V67: W2E2 HD182896 (4pts)
  • UT2016-07-28 (report): ro=10cm
    • V16: E1E2W1 HD153882 (2pts) HD188041 (2pts) HD204411 (4pts)
  • UT2016-07-27 (report): ro=10cm
    • V16: HD120198 2pts E1E2W1
    • V52: Eta Aql 3pts S1S2 Rmax (phi=0.48)
    • V50: HD200009 3pts E1E2
    • V67: HD214028 5pts E1E2
  • UT2016-07-26 (report): ro=9cm and then clouds, winds, and ash in the air
    • V16: HD120198 1 calibrated point E1E2W1
  • UT2016-07-25 (report): ro=12-16cm.
    • V16b: HD112185 1 calibrated point E1E2 HR531nm
    • V52: Eta Aql 5pts E1E2 (AH=-0.5/+1.5h) + 3pts S1S2 (AH=2.6/3.5h) at Rmoy (phi=0.2)
  • UT2016-07-24 : ash, no data
  • UT2016-07-23 : fire, no data

2016 July 8th to 11th FRIEND - Mt Wilson (Philippe, Marc-Antoine, Jean-Michel, Yves, Christophe)

  • UT2016-07-11 (report):  r0=12.6cm.E1E2W2
    • alpha Oph: 1 pt sci and 2 pt cal
    • delta Cyg: 4 pt sci and 5 pts cals
  • UT2016-07-10 (report):  r0=14.3cm.E1E2W2
    • theta Aql : 2 pt sci and 3 pt cal
    • delta Cyg : 2 pt sci and 2 pts cals
    • HD102870 : Lunar occultation
  • UT2016-07-09 (report):  r0=10.5cm.E1E2W2
    • delta Cyg : 1 pt sci and 2 pt cal
    • theta Aql : 1 pt sci and 2 pts cals
    • alpha Oph : 1 pt sci and 2 pts
  • UT2016-07-08 (report):  r0=12.9cm. E1E2W2
    • Alpha Oph: 2 records on calibrator
    • Delta Cyg: 2 targets and 3 calibrators

2016 June 8th to 17th (10 nights) remotely from Calern (Karine et al.)

  • UT2016-06-17 (report):  r0=8cm.
    • NOAO (gamma Vir AB): 1 point S1S2 in HR@612nm on each component
    • V16: HD188041 1pt E1W2  + 1pt E1W2W1
    • V50: HD220009 E1E2 3 pts
  • UT2016-06-16 (report):  r0=8cm. Technical difficulties: 3T not possible with CLIMB.
    • V65: kappa Dra 1pt S1S2 (AH~+3h)
    • V66: HD 200120 2pts W1W2 (AH~+1h)
  • UT2016-06-15 (report):  r0=8-10cm. Communication pbs !
    • V65: kappa Dra 2pts S1S2
    • V01: HD 189733 1pt E1W2
  • UT2016-06-14 (report): Strong wind and gusts until UT9:30
    • V52 Eta Aql 4pts S1S2
  • UT2016-06-13 (report): clouds, high RH and communication pbs at the beginning of the night, than ro=10cm.
    • V16 HD120198 2pts W1W2E1 + HD176232 1pt W1W2E1
    • V66 HD142983 W1W2
    • V01 HD189733 2pts W1W2
  • UT2016-06-12 (report): clouds and high RH all night, except 1h at the end.
    • cophasing of VEGA and CLIMB on W1W2E1
  • UT2016-06-11 (report): r0=8 cm, Intermittent clouds all night
    • V66 : W1W2 : HD 203467 (1pt) - HD 193911 (1 pt) - HD 200120 (1 pt)
  • UT2016-06-10 (report): r0=8 cm but problems with CLIMB and W2
    • V65 Kappa Dra E1E2W2 2pts not calibrated
    • V52 T Vul E1E2W2 1pt not calibrated
  • UT2016-06-09 (report): r0=10 cm but problems with CLIMB
    • V16b HD112185 E1E2 1pt HR531nm (without CLIMB)
    • V52 T Vul E1E2W2 1pt (without CLIMB)
  • UT2016-06-08 (report): A poor night with gusty winds and particulates. No data.

2016 May 25th to May 29th (5 nights) remotely from Calern

(Denis, Fred, Karine + Simon Albrecht and Mariem Mouelhi)

  • UT2016-05-29 (report)
    • NOAO gam Vir W1W2, 1pt on each star (HR612), E1E2 1pt on gam VirA only.
    • V66: W1W2, R2656: 2pts on HD148184 and HD191610, 1 pt on HD193911 and HD200120.
  • UT2016-05-28 (report)
    • V65: 1 uncalibrated point on kap Dra
    • lot of issues and night aborted
  • UT2016-05-27: (report)
    • lot of technical issues on E2 and software issues with chara GUI on vega side. Night aborted because of technical issues.
    • Fringes seen on kappa Dra on CLIMB and VEGA but no recording.
  • UT2016-05-26 : just humidity tonight..., no observations
  • UT2016-05-25 : Fog and humidity, no observations
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