Astronome  (HDR)

 Head of the Galaxie(s) and Cosmology group

office : UMR LAGRANGE CION C1-00
adress : C.I.O.N
Boulevard de l'Observatoire
CS 34229
06304 Nice Cedex 4

  phone :  +33 4 92 00 30 08
  fax :
  email :
  web :

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Research interests: 

  • The Galactic Bulge including the Galactic Center and the Nuclear Star Cluster
  • The Central Molecular Zone
  • Infrared spectroscopy, chemical abundances, Galactic Archeology
  • Star formation history in the Bulge, young stellar objects
  • Interstellar extinction, stellar populations
  • AGB stars, red giant branch stars


  •  I am member of the APOGEE and  APOGEE-2 (SDSS-IV)  project where I am target field analyst
  •  I am reponsable of the stellar simulations in  Euclid (OU-SIM)


Here is a list of other projects I am involved or I am interested:



For my publication list please go here to the ads




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