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Names Contacts Activities Webpage
Lyu Abe lyu.abe.at.unice.fr  ASTEP  
Mathilde Beaulieu mathilde.beaulieu.at.oca.eu  Direct Imaging  
Lionel Bigot  lbigot.at.oca.eu Stellar activity modeling - PLATO  
Andrea Chiavassa andrea.chiavassa.at.oca.eu  Stellar/exoplanet spectra - HIRES-ARIEL-CRIRES+  www
Orlagh Creevey ocreevey.at.oca.eu  Fundamental stellar parameters. Asteroseismology. CU8 Gaia PI.-PLATO   
Aurélien Crida Aurelien.Crida.at.oca.eu  Protoplanetary disk simulations  
Tristan Guillot (group leader) tristan.guillot.at.oca.eu  Gas planet modeling and evolution - ASTEP PI -PLATO www
Eric Lagadec eric.lagadec.at.oca.eu SPHERE/SPHERE+  
Frantz Martinache frantz.martinache.at.oca.eu  Direct Imaging - KERNEL PI www
David Mary david.mary.at.unice.fr  Signal Processing - Detection - PLATO  
Djamel Mekarnia djamel.mekarnia.at.oca.eu  ASTEP  
Florentin Millour florentin.millour.at.oca.eu Centre Spatial Universitaire www
Denis Mourard Denis.Mourard.at.oca.eu  Fundamental stellar parameter.  SPICA PI - PLATO  
Nicolas Nardetto Nicolas.Nardetto.at.oca.eu  Fundamental stellar parameter. Interferometry - PLATO www
Mamadou N'Diaye mamadou.ndiaye.at.oca.eu Direct Imaging. SPHERE/SPHERE+  
François-Xavier Schmider schmider.at.oca.eu  ASTEP - Jovian seismology. - PLATO  



Names Contacts Activities


Farrokh Vakili vakili.at.oca.eu Intensity Interferometry  



Names Contacts Activities Webpage
Roxanne Ligi roxanne.ligi.at.oca.eu Fundamental stellar parameters.Interferometry. SPICA - PLATO  
Steve Markham steve.markham.at.oca.eu 3D simulations of storms and clouds - giant planet seismology  



Names Contacts Activities Supervisor(s)
Luisa Fernanda Rodriguez Diaz luisa.rodriguez.at.phys.au.dk 3D convection simulation -stellar noise for exoplanet detection L. Bigot /V. Silva. Aguirre  (Uni. Aarhus)
Pierre-Marie Gori pierre-marie.gori.at.lycee-chateaubriand.eu Intensity interferometry  F. Vakili
Maria-Chiara Maimone maria-chiara.maimone.at.oca.eu Exoplanet spectra  A. Chiavassa/J. Leconte (LAB)
Saburo Howard saburo.howard.at.oca.eu Simulation of interior structure and evolution of Jupiter and giant exoplanets  T. Guillot

logo ETE Equipe Transverse Exoplanète


  • Crouzet, Nicolas and Agabi, Karim and Guillot, Tristan and Abe, Lyu and Schmider, François-Xavier and Mékarnia, Djamel and Triaud, Amaury and Bresson, Yves and Mauclert, Nicolas and Bailet, Christophe and Breeveld, Dennis and Blommaert, Sander and Shortt, Brian and Daban, Jean-Baptiste and Lagrange, Anne-Marie and Touzé, Romain and Dufour, Justin and Stee, Valentin and Caruana, Jocelyn "Towards ASTEP+, a two-color photometric telescope at Dome C, Antarctica" Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy VIII (2020) (doi:10.1117/12.2562550) (https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-03320687)
  • A "no-drift" runaway pile-up of pebbles in protoplanetary disks in which midplane turbulence increases with radius. Hyodo, Ryuki; Ida, Shigeru; Guillot, Tristan; A&A  (2021) arxiv:2012.12511 ADS link
  • From the stellar properties of HD 219134 to the internal compositions of its transiting exoplanets. Ligi, R. ; Dorn, C. ; Crida, A. ; Lebreton, Y. ; Creevey, O. ; Borsa, F. ; Mourard, D. ; Nardetto, N. ; Tallon-Bosc, I. ; Morand, F. ; Poretti, E. ; A&A (2019) arxiv ADS link
  • Mass, Radius, and Composition of the Transiting Planet 55 Cnc e: Using Interferometry and Correlations. Crida, Aurélien ; Ligi, Roxanne ; Dorn, Caroline, Lebreton, Yveline ; ApJ (2018) arxiv:1804.07537 ADS link
    --- A quick update ; RNAAS (2018) arxiv:1809:08008 ADS link 
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