PhD student

 Équipe Théorie et Observations en Planetologie (TOP) - Laboratoire Lagrange

office : Pavillon Henri Chrétien (PHC-S 3) 
adress : Boulevard de l'Observatoire, CS 34229, 06304 Nice Cedex 4

  phone :  +33 92 00 30 43
  email : julia.maia (at)
  web :

 Research interests

My main research interest is planetary geophysics, focusing on investigating the interior structure of rocky bodies of the Solar System, as terrestrial planets, moons and  asteroids.

Since October 2020, I am a PhD candidate working with Mark Wieczorek. My work involves using gravity and topography data from the Magellan mission (1990-1994) to investigate the compensation mechanisms and interior structure of various regions on Venus. This study can help us better understand the thermal and geologic evolution of the planet and why Venus and the Earth have gone through so distinct evolutionary paths given their many similarities. I am also a collaborator in the InSight mission from NASA where, later in my PhD, I will contribute on the characterization of the Martian crust.

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