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adress : 96 Boulevard de l'Observatoire, 06300 Nice  

office : PHC-S

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    I am a postdoctoral research assistant under the joint supervision of Thierry Passot and Emanuele Tassi in the Fluid and Plasma Research Group. In 2022, I received my PhD in plasma physics.

    My research work is concerned with the important universal process of magnetic reconnection. Magnetic reconnection is a complex mutli-scale phenomenon leading to a change of topology of the magnetic field and responsible for powering some of the most explosive release of magnetic energy in astrophysical plasmas, such as solar flares, nonthermal emissions of pulsar winds, and gamma-ray flares. In particular, instabilities of reconnecting current sheets leading to the formation of secondary magnetic islands, called plasmoids, have more recently played an important role in advancing the understanding of magnetic reconnection. My PhD thesis addresses some important questions concerning collisionless reconnection in 2D systems. The main focus is on the simulations and mathematical modelling of the fundamental physics of the process, as well as on the investigation of the influence of of an anisotropic equilibrium temperature distribution and that of a finite βe parameter on magnetic reconnection and the formation of plasmoids. 


   You can download my CV here.


Publications, Proceedings (∗)

Submitted      C. Granier, R. Numata, D. Borgogno, E. Tassi, D. Grasso, Investigation of the collisionless plasmoid instability based on fluid, gyrofluid and  gyrokinetic integrated approach.

2022       C. Granier, D. Borgogno, L. Comisso, D. Grasso, E. Tassi, R. Numata, Marginally Stable Current Sheets in Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection. Phys. Rev. E. 106, L043201

2022       C. Granier, D. Borgogno, L. Comisso, D. Grasso, R. Numata, E. Tassi Fluid and gyrokinetic simulations of plasmoid formation in collisionless plasmas, Proceedings of the 48th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, O1.402 (∗)

2022       C. Granier, D. Borgogno, D. Grasso, E. Tassi, Gyrofluid analysis of electron βe effects on collisionless reconnection, J. Plasma Phys. 88 905880111.

2021      C. Granier, E. Tassi, D. Borgogno, D. Grasso, Impact of electron temperature anisotropy on the collisionless tearing mode instability in the presence of a strong guide field, Physics of Plasmas, 28 022112.

2020      C. Granier & E. Tassi, Linear stability of magnetic vortex chains in a plasma in the presence of equilibrium electron temperature anisotropy, J. Phys. A: Math and Theor., 53 385702.





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