Proposant : Paolo Tanga

Téléphone : 0492003042
Durée : 3 mois
Lieu : mont-gros
Financement : Oui (autre)
Domaine : PlanétoloAsteroid astrometry by stellar occultationsgie
Niveau d’études : Master 2

Désignation du projet : Asteroid astrometry by stellar occultations
Résumé : Thanks to the first data release by the Gaia mission, very accurate measurements of stellar positions are now available, with a precision not less than 10 times better than in advance.
The proposed stage aims to exploit the stellar astrometry for improving asteroid orbits. The idea is to use stellar occultations observed in the past, providing very precise astrometry of the asteroids relative to stars. As now the stellar position is very precise, we can use to derive extremely accurate absolute positions for those asteroids.
The stage will consist in critically reviewing the available observations of stellar occultations, in order to extract the relevant information, eliminate bad data, improve the measurements and provide the expected accuracy.
The student will work on this aspect of data reduction and will learn about the determination and refinement of orbits. He/she will not have to develop a software for orbit determination, but will rather learn to use one of the best tools available for this task (also used to determine the asteroid impact risk or the orbital evolution of potential Earth impactors on the long term).
At the end of the stage, important elements concerning ground based asteroid astrometry and orbit determination will be acquired.