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Asteroid 7561 Patrickmichel (1986 TR2)

Alternate Designations: 1989 KT, 1993 KP2

                                          Record Number  7561                                               SPK-ID(s)  2007561 = 3003661 Eros161200

      Epoch of Osculation (Julian Day, ET)  2451600.5

 Epoch of Osculation (Calendar Date, ET) 2000-02-26

              Astronomical Reference System  FK5/J2000

                        Orbit Solution Reference    MPC35486


(heliocentric ecliptic reference frame)

                                Mean Anomaly (deg)   300.4069146

                   Argument of Perihelion (deg)   347.8769703

   Longitude of the Ascending Node (deg)   66.9469186

                                          Inclination (deg)   9.8286121

                                               Eccentricity     0.243993171

                             Semi-major Axis (AU)     2.774355523

        Perihelion Passage (Julian Day, ET)     2451879.9055107

 Perihelion Passage (Calendar Date, ET)     2000-12-01.4055107

                        Perihelion Distance (AU)      2.097431722


                              GM (km^3 s^-2)  n/a

                                       Radius (km)  n/a

                    H (absolute magnitude)   12.700

         G (magnitude slope parameter)   0.15

                             Color Index (B-V)   n/a

                            Rotation Period (h)   n/a

                              Geometric Albedo    n/a

                                   Spectral Class    n/a

                    Orbit Solution Data Arc   1986-1997

 Observations used in Orbit Solution  23

                                       Comments A  1986 TR2 OCC=1 h M-v 38

                                       Comments B