Astronomische Nachrichten, Vol. 328, Nos. 3-4, pp. 203-370 (Mar 2007). Special issue on the First HELAS Local Helioseismology Workshop, Eds. T. Corbard, L. Gizon, and M. Roth. [Editors' note] [Table of contents]





First HELAS LocalHelioseismology Workshop
"Roadmap for EuropeanLocal Helioseismology"

September 25-27, 2006

Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur
Nice, France


Scientific Organizing Committee :

  • Thierry Corbard, O.C.A., Nice, France
  • Laurent Gizon, M.P.S., Lindau, Germany
  • Markus Roth,  M.P.S., Lindau, Germany
Local Organizer:
  • Thierry Corbard, O.C.A., Nice, France
  • Janine Provost, O.C.A., Nice, France


  • Coordinate and consolidate European research activities in the field of local helioseismology; exchange knowledge and share experiences.
  • Identify areas for which common actions are desirable.
  • Promote the exchange of data for tests, comparisons, and analysis.
  • Coordinate the process of developing common software tools.
  • Facilitate the preparation for SDO and Solar Orbiter missions.


Agenda and on-line presentations:

Monday September 25:  Local Helioseismology Techniques & Data Products

Tuesday September 26:  Numerical Simulations and Artificial Data for Local Helioseismology

Wednesday September 27

  • Afternoon: Set up of HELAS local helioseismology working groups.
    • 14:00--15:00 Set up of HELAS local helioseismology working groups.
    • 15:30--18:00 Further discussions between people from institutions that received HELAS NA4 funds.

Voici le programme de cette réunion, les fichiers acrobat reader (.pdf) des présentations faites durant le premier jour et le compte rendu des tables rondes du deuxième jour:


Liste des Participants:

G. Berthomieu (OCA); S. Brun (Saclay); T. Corbard (OCA); M.J. Goupil (Meudon); Y. Lebreton (Meudon); S. Mathis (Meudon); P. Morel (OCA); P. Nghiem (Saclay); L. Piau (Bruxelles); B. Pichon (OCA); J. Provost (OCA); J. Suarès (Grenade); M. Rieutord (Toulouse); F. Thévenin (OCA); J.P. Zahn (Meudon)


Events organized by the Solar Group 

Maison du Séminaire, NICE December 3-4 2008




HELAS Network workshop held at "Maison du séminaire" Nice, France 3-4 December 2008

  • pptAIrbah_CMS-P.ppt
  • pptCGrec_HOFs.ppt
  • pptCRenaud_QuickLook.ppt
  • pdfDReese.pdf
  • pptDSalabert_Picard_pipeline.ppt
  • pdfGGrec.pdf
  • pptGPradels.ppt
  • pdfGThuillier.pdf
  • pdfHMAntia.pdf
  • pptMCRabelloSoares.ppt
  • pptPBoumier_TCorbard.ppt
  • pdfRBogart_hmistatus.pdf
  • NetDRMS & Data Sharing (Rick Bogart (Stanford))pdfpdf
  • Radiometric measurements and helioseismology (Wolfgang Finsterle, Rosaria Simoniello, Micha Schöll, and Alexander Shapiro (PMOD WRC)) pdfpdf
  • Light Perturbations from stellar non-radial oscillations an application to solar limb observations (Thierry Toutain (Birmingham) & Janine Provost (OCA)) pptppt 
  • Velocity and Intensity in Helioseismology (Thomas Straus INAF/Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte, Napoli) pdfpdf
  • The quest for solar g modes (T. Appourchaux, A.-M. Broomhall, W. Chaplin, D.O. Gough, G. Houdek, J. Provost, F. Baudin, P .Boumier, Y. Elsworth, R.A. García and the Phoebus group) pptppt
  • Cyclic changes in the solar subsurface layers using f modes (Sandrine Lefebvre (SA), S. Turck-Chièze (CEA), A. Kosovichev (Stanford), J.P. Rozelot (OCA)) pptppt
  • g-mode search, an ongoing effort with GOLF (Rafael Garcia (CEA) & David Salabert (IAS)) pptppt

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