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2013 Henri Poincaré Postdoctoral Fellowships


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Conseil Général des Alpes Maritimes



Application Deadline : November 15, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying and Electronic Correspondence

There are no special forms for applying to the Henri Poincare Fellowship Program. Please provide us with all the items mentioned in the announcement and do not forget to provide us with addresses, emails, fax and telephone numbers of yourself and of the referees.

Applications should not be sent before September and should have arrived by November 15. Standard paper applications are accepted. Fax submissions are accepted provided : (i) they contain all the essential application information, (ii) a complete hardcopy of the application, including two sets of key scientific papers, reaches us within a week or so of the deadline.

In all your e-mail messages, thank you for using pure ASCII as well as PDF files.

Courier Mailing Address

The address of the Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur (OCA) to be used for mailing through courier services, such as FedEx and DHL, is :

Secrétariat du Comité Postdoctoral
Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur
Boulevard de l’Observatoire
06304 Nice (France)


Researchers who hold a PhD from one of the Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur’s departments are not entitled to apply for the Henri Poincare Fellowship.


French citizens may not apply for the fellowship (due to administrative rules beyond the OCA’s responsibility). Non-french citizens must not have been paid workers in France for a year prior to the start date. 

Application suitability

In order to increase the likelihood of being awarded the Poincaré Fellowship, applicants are strongly advised to contact OCA permanent research staff about possible areas of collaboration and the preparation of their research project. 



Application examination happens in two stages. The local Postdoctoral Committe (CPOCA) reviews applications internally and submits a proposal for the fellowship awards to the Henri Poincaré Committee (national committee). The CPOCA usually meets by late January. The Henri Poincaré Committee, in charge of the final decision on the fellowship award, usually meets by mid February. Letters of invitation are issued immediately after the latter’s meeting.

Starting Date

Positions start at any date between September 1 and December 1. We do not accept starting dates outside that period. The only exceptions are for pregnancy or for military service.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory during the period of stay at the OCA. The cost of the subscription to the French "Securité Sociale" (health service) is automatically subtracted from the Henri Poincaré Fellowship stipend before you get your monthly salary. This insurance covers the largest part of your health expenses (medical care, hospital treatments, medicines). For the refunding of the remaining part of health expenses, fellows may subscribe on a personal basis to a complementary health insurance (a "Mutuelle") ; the extra cost depends on the coverage offered.  

Income Tax

The Applicant’s income for each civil year (January, 1—December, 31) is taxed according to French regulations. This tax should not exceed approximately 2000 euros for a full civil year.
The fellowship stipend indicated in the anouncement excludes health insurance cost only but not income tax.


Limited accommodation facilities are available at the OCA. Successful Henri Poincaré fellows cannot be provided with OCA accommodation for their full tenure. If requested and depending on room availability, short duration OCA accommodation (a few weeks at most) is possible until an alternative housing arrangement is found.


Henri Poincaré Fellows are part of OCA research staff. Work regulations for Fellows are the same as those of permanent research staff. In particular, fellows may take up to 45 vacation days per year.

Practical Matters regarding Selected Applicants

Applicants who are selected for an Henri Poincaré Fellowship will receive an official notification from the Director of the OCA.

Further questions regarding practical matters, salary, insurance, housing, etc. should be directed to the scientific contact person(s) at the OCA with whom the applicant is going to work. If needed, the scientific contact person will redirect such questions to a suitable OCA department. Please refrain from sending such queries to the Scientific Secretary of the Postdoctoral Committee.


Applicants who are looking for local contacts at the OCA may view the list of Research Areas and/or Research Projects and Instruments.

Applicants may also email cpoca at-please-no-spam with CV (PDF format) asking that it be forwarded to scientists (if any) at the OCA working in or close to the Applicant’s area(s) of interest.


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