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mardi 22 octobre 2013
Lecture on interferometric data processing
I gave a lecture on interferometric data processing at the Barcelonnette Summer School. It is made available online by the JMMC. lire la suite de l'article
mardi 22 octobre 2013
Course on visibility modelling
I gave this little course during the 2010 Porquerolles Summer school. It is all about how to interpret optical long-baseline interferometry data with simple models ("first (...) lire la suite de l'article
Monday 11 June 2012
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PhD Theses topics
I propose several theses topics: Hyper
 material And I participate to other PhD topics: Differential (...) Read the whole article
Thursday 3 November 2011
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Master Theses topics
I propose different topics for master theses in astrophysics and optical instrumentation. This page enumerates them. The pdf version below gives the detailed topics.2011-2012 (...) Read the whole article
mardi 4 septembre 2012
A list of optical long-baseline optical/IR interferometry articles with images
Optical/IR stellar long-baseline interferometry (OLBI) has long been considered as a playground for optical engineers rather than a tool for astrophysics. Another frequent say is that (...) lire la suite de l'article
lundi 21 mai 2012
Outreach papers, press releases
Here are some outreach papers and press releases I have written or contributed to. New astronomy reviews All you ever wanted to know about optical long baseline (...) lire la suite de l'article