List of national or international teams or networks we are working with.

TO BE COMPLETED....(work in progress)

    The GOLF experiment on the SOHO mission aims to study the internal structure of the sun by measuring the spectrum of global oscillations in the frequency range 10-7 to 10-2 Hz. Both p and g mode oscillations will be investigated, with the emphasis on the low order long period waves which penetrate the solar core.

    Gerard Grec is GOLF project scientist and member of the Scientific committee, Janine Provost, Catherine Renaud and Thierry Corbard  are members of the GOLF team

    Read more about the involvment of Lagrange Solar team in GOLF/SOHO mission

  • Global Oscillation Network Group

    We have important collaborations with the NSO/GONG network team since its start in 1995.

    T. Corbard is a former GONG data scientist and was member of the GONG Data User Committee 2005 -2009