David Alexander Kann Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA), Granada Afterglows of Short and Long Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Multimessenger Era


Simone Mastrogiovanni OCA Studying the Universe with populations of Gravitational waves sources


Marisa Brienza University of Bologna Insights into the AGN life-cycle and feedback from low frequency radio observations


Giuseppina Battaglia Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), La Laguna A Gaia-aided view of the properties of Local Group dwarf galaxies


Leonardo Testi ESO Protoplanetary (?) disks and the dawn of planets


Christophe Morisset UNAM, Mexico Using Machine learning in interstellar medium studies


Guillaume Drouart ICRAR, Curtin University, Perth Toward the first sample of radio powerful AGN in the Epoch of Reionization with the Murchison Widefield Array, a SKA-precursor
2021-10-12 Konstantin Batygin Caltech Planet Nine from Outer Space: A Status Update
2021-10-05 Michael Koenig, Bruno Albertazzi Ecole Polytechnique L’Astrophysique de Laboratoire à Haute Densité d’énergie
2021-09-28 Jana Bockova Institut de Chimie, UCA Astrophysical origins of biological homochirality
2021-09-14 Mike Rich UCLA The Blanco DECam Bulge Survey: A Panchromatic Survey and LSST Pathfinder
2021-09-07 Jacques Kluska University of Leuven Disks around evolved binaries: do they form second-generation planets?
2021-06-29 Philippe Salomé LERMA, Observatoire de Paris e-Tools for Radio-Astronomy
2021-06-22 Zeinab Khorami Cardiff University Near-infrared Photometry and Astrometry of the core of R136
2021-05-25 Guillaume Thomas IAC Tenerife, Spain Reconstructing the history of the Milky Way and probing the dark matter nature in WEAVE and LSST era
2021-05-18 Sarrvesh Sridhar MPIfR, Bonn Magnetic fields in nearby galaxies: a low-frequency radio continuum perspective
2021-05-11 Carlos Martin Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto, Portugal Varying fundamental constants, from alpha to omega
2021-05-04 Thomas Masseron IAC Tenerife, Spain Discovery of phosphorus-rich stars
2021-04-20 Kenda Knowles University of Kwazulu-Natal A MeerKAT view of galaxy clusters
2021-04-13 Marta Volonteri IAP Paris Massive black hole binaries in the cosmos
2021-04-06 Paul Mollière MPIA Heidelberg From atmospheric to formation retrievals
2021-03-23 Lorenzo Posti Université de Strasbourg Where feedback fails: clues from the dynamics of massive galaxies
2021-03-16 Olivier Minazzolli Artémis, OCA Entangled relativity
2021-03-09 Jean-Baptiste Lebouquin Université de Grenoble A new era of interferometry with GRAVITY+
2021-03-02 Raoul Canameras MPA Garching Star formation and feedback in the brightest lensed starburst galaxies at z ~ 2–4
2021-02-23 Vincent Reverdy ENS, Paris The Structural Complexity of Numerical Astrophysics Codes
2021-02-16 Gianluca Castignani University of Bologna High-redshift galaxy clusters and their galaxy population
2021-02-09 Christopher Kyba Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam An introduction to light pollution for astronomers and citizen scientists
2021-02-02 Nicolas Martinet Argelander Institut fuer Astronomie Weak Lensing with Euclid: from shape measurement to cosmology
2021-01-26 James Leftley Laboratoire Lagrange, OCA AGN at High Angular Resolution
2021-01-19 Stefano Andreon Osservatorio de Brera Gas-poor clusters: What kind of beasts are they?

Les présentations des séminaires passés sont téléchargeables ci-dessous. Slides from previous seminars can be downloaded here, see below.

 2019-12-11  N. Nesvadba  OCA, France
 2019-12-03  B. Zanda  Musée d'Histoire Naturelle, France

 Meteorites: the archives of the Solar System

 2019-11-26  O. Minazzoli  OCA, France  First conservative constraints on the mass of the graviton from solar system observations and planetary ephemerides
 2019-11-26  M. Schultheis  OCA, France  The nuclear star clusters (Milky Way & Extragalactic)
 2019-11-19  Y. Prufer  Metropôle Nice Côte d'Azur
 2019-11-12  S. Cerri  Princeton University, USA
 2019-11-05  E. Jehin  STAR Institute, Université de Liège, Belgium

 TRAPPIST: 10 years of Science and Operations

 2019-10-15  F. Spoto  OCA, France
 2019-10-08  B. Malte Schaefer  Center for Astronomy, University of Heidelberg, Germany  Good and bad news: intrinsic alignments in weak lensing data
 2019-10-01  B. Neichel  LAM, France  HARMONI, the ELT first light IFU
 2019-09-24  O. Minazzoli  OCA, France
 2019-09-24  A. Crida  OCA, France
 2019-09-17  S. Borgniet  LESIA, France  Improving Milky Way Cepheid distance estimations with high-resolution spectroscopy
 2019-09-10  J. Freundlich  Hebrew university of Jerusalem, israël  Galaxy evolution: a gas perspective
 2019-09-03  A. Lamberts  OCA, France
 2019-07-02  A. Renzini INAF, Italy  Perspectives at detecting globular clusters in formation at high redshifts (z~3 to 10)
 2019-06-28  S. Cassisi National Institute for Astrophysics - Italy

The oldest stellar populations in the Milky Way: the multiple stellar population phenomenon in Galactic Globular Clusters and its implication for the Galaxy formation

 2019-06-25  H. Homann  OCA, France
 Why using modern C++ for scientific computing ?
 2019-06-25  M. Faurobert  OCA, France
 2019-06-18  J.F. Cardoso  IAP, France
 2019-06-11  E. Gourgoulhon  LUTH, France  Gravitational waves from star-like objects orbiting the Galactic Center black hole
 2019-06-04  R. Lau  JAXA, Japan  WR DustERS: a JWST-ERS program to resolve the nature of dust in Wolf-Rayet binary winds
 2019-05-28  M. Bergemann  MPIA, Germany  Reading physics from stellar spectra
 2019-05-21  A. Chelli  OCA, France  Pseudo-photometric distances of 30 open clusters
 2019-05-07  A. Maury  CEA, France  Characterizing the formation mechanisms of protostellar disks: observations and models
 2019-04-30  A. Chiavassa  OCA, France
 2019-04-30  R. Flamary  OCA, France
 2019-04-23  I. Delvecchio  CEA, France  Clues on radio AGN feedback at high-redshift from deep radio surveys
 2019-04-02  F. Cantalloube  MPIA, Germany  Imaging exoplanets and circumstellar disks: the current instruments and their limitations
 2019-03-26   A. Arentsen  AIP, Germany  Exploring the metal-poor inner Galaxy with the Pristine survey
 2019-03-19  S. Sridhar  Astron, The Netherlands  Magnetic fields in nearby galaxies: A new low-frequency radio continuum perspective
 2019-03-12  D. Meyer  University of Exeter, UK
 2019-03-05  A. Mastrobuono-Battisti  MPIA, Germany
 2019-02-26  F. Fragkoudi  MPIA, Germany  The Bar Connection: Effects of the bar on the Milky Way bulge and disc
 2019-02-05  A. Amarsi  MPIA, Germany  Improved line formation models for more accurate stellar chemical abundances
 2019-01-29  J. Sorce  CRAL, France  Do we need a new cosmological model? GMO-CLONES, a solution to the precision cosmology dilemma
 2019-01-22  H. Le Treut  Institut Pierre SImon Laplace, France  De l'alerte à l'action sur le changement climatique, quels enjeux nouveaux pour la science et la modélisation
 2019-01-15  M. Delbo  OCA, France  The preliminary survey of the near-Earth asteroid Bennu by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx
 2019-01-08  P. Hennebelle  CEA, France  The formation and early evolution of planet-forming disks
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