2008 November 22th-29th: VEGA Observing run (O. Chesneau, F. Millour, D. Mourard)

2008 October 3rd-12th: VEGA Observing run (K. Perraut, D. Mourard)

2008 July 27th-August 9th: VEGA Observing run (I. Tallon, Ph. Stee, D. Mourard)

2008 May18th-June5th: VEGA Observing run

2008 May 4th: Preparation of the next VEGA run (may 17th to june 4th)

  • Description of the run (in french)     ObjectifsRunI_2008.pdf
  • Program's table                                  Programs.pdf
  • Configuration's table                         Configs.pdf


March 6th: VEGA meeting in our new lab. H. FIZEAU (OCA, UNS, CNRS)

WINTER 2007-2008 (December '07 to march '08)

  • The team is working on the data reduction mainly with a lot of complications on the reduction pipeline. The main problems are the correction of the photon centroiding hole, the estimation of the low frequency energy due to the bad shape of the pupils and the poor quality of the data.
  • Great progresses however have been made to secure the pipeline: the adaptation to the new data files is almost done and we are now finishing the preprocessing step where bad photons are removed. A report will be distributed soon.
  • The data set on which we are working is made of three sequences:
    • gamma Cas, High Spectral Resolution (W1W2)
    • gamma Peg + calibrator (4 sets in alternance) (W1W2)
    • zeta Tau + calibrator E1W2 and W1W2
  • We are also working on the new central control software and improvements in the instrument, such as a new filter wheel for neutral densities and studies for the possibility of new dichroic plates (IR/VIS CHARA dichroics).