This page gathers the publications and presentations concerning the VEGA instrument installed on the CHARA Array.

Publications with VEGA (refereed)


P47: "Optically thin circumstellar medium in beta Lyr A system", Broz, M., Mourard, D., Harmanec, P. et al., A&A in press

P46: "Benchmarking the fundamental parameters of Ap stars with optical long-baseline interferometric measurements", K. Perraut, M. Cunha, A. Romanovskaya et al., A&A (accepted)

P45: "Calibrating the Surface-Brightness-color relation for late type red giant stars in the visible domain using VEGA/CHARA interferometric measurements', N. Nardetto, A. Salsi, D. Mourard et al., A&A (accepted pdfpdf)

P44: "Precise calibration of the colour- and class-dependence of surfacePrecise calibration of the colour- and class-dependence of surfacebrightness-colour relations for late-type stars", A. Salsi, N. Nardetto, D. Mourard et al., A&A (accepted pdfpdf)

P43: "Optical interferometry and Gaia measurement uncertainties revealOptical interferometry and Gaia measurement uncertainties revealthe physics of asymptotic giant branch stars'', A. Chiavassa, K. Kravchenko, F. Millour et al. (mainly MIRCx)., A&A (accepted pdfpdf)


P42: "Visible and near-infrared spectro-interferometric analysis of the edge-on Be star o Aquarii", E. S. G. de Almeida, A. Meilland, A. Domiciano de Souza et al., A&A

P41: "From the stellar properties of HD219134 to the internal compositions of its transiting exoplanets.", R. Ligi, C. Dorn, A. Crida et al., A&A, 2019 (pdf)

P40, "Fundamental parameters and evolutionary status of the magnetic chemically peculiar stars HD 188041 (V1291 Aquilae), HD 111133 (EP Virginis), and HD 204411: spectroscopy versus interferometry", Romanovskaya, A., Ryabchikova, T., Shulyak, D. et al., MNRAS 488 2019 (pdf)

P39: "Constraints on HD113337 fundamental parameters and planetary systems. Combining long-base visible interferometry, disk imaging and high-contrast imaging", S. Borgniet, K. Perraut, K. Su, A&A 627, A44, 2019 (pdfpdf)



P38: "Physical properties of b Lyrae A and its opaque accretion disk", D. Mourard, M. Broz, J. Nemravova et al., A&A 618, A112 (2018) (pdfpdf)

P37: "The GJ504 system revisited: Combining interferometric, radial velocity, and high contrast imaging data", M. Bonnefoy, K. Perraut, A.M. Lagrange et al., A&A 618 A63 (2018) (pdfpdf)

P36: "Accurate effective temperatures of the metal-poor benchmark stars\par HD140283, HD122563, and HD103095 from CHARA interferometry", I. Karovicova, T. White, T. Nordlander et al., MNRAS 475, L81-L85 (2018) (pdf)


P35: "Flattening and surface-brightness of the fast-rotating star delta Per with the visible VEGA/CHARA interferometer", M. Challouf, N. Nardetto, A. Domiciano et al., A&A 604, A51 (2017) (pdf)

P34: "The compact Hα emitting regions of the Herbig Ae/Be stars HD 179218 and HD 141569 from CHARA spectrointerferometry", I. Mendigutia, R. Oudmaijer, D. Mourard, J. Muzerolle, MNRAS 464, 1984-1989 (2017) (pdf)


P33: "A disk wind in AB Aurigae traced with Ha interferometry", K. Perraut, C. Dougados, G. Lima et al., A&A, 596, A17 (pdf)

P32: "ksi Tauri: a unique laboratory to study the stellar and dynamical evolution of a multiple system", J.A. Nemravova, P. Harmanec, M. Broz et al., A&A, 594, A55 (2016) (pdf)

P31: "VEGA/CHARA interferometric observations of Cepheids I. A resolved structure around the prototype classical Cepheid delta Cep in the visible spectral range", N. Nardetto, A. Mérand, D. Mourard et al. A&A, 593, A45 (2016) (pdf)

P30: "The fundamental parameters of the roAp star HD24712: A rapidly oscillator at the red edge of the instability strip", K. Perraut, I. Brandao, M. Cunha et al., A&A 590, A117 (2016) (pdf)

P29:  "Radii, masses and ages of 18 bright stars using interferometry and new estimations of exoplanetary parameters”, R. Ligi, O. Creevey, D. Mourard et al., A&A 586 A94 (2016) (pdf)


P28:  "The peculiar fast-rotating star 51 Oph probed by VEGA/CHARA”, N.Jamialahmadi, P. Berio, A. Meilland et al., A&A 579 A81(2015) (pdf)

P27:  "The fundamental parameters of theAp star 78 Vir*, Could 78 Vir be a rapidly oscillating Ap star?”, K. Perraut, M. Cunha, I.Brandão et al., A&A 579 A85 (2015) (pdf)

P26:  "Spectral and spatial imaging of the Be+sdO binary phi Per”, D. Mourard, J. Monnier, A.Meilland et al., A&A 577, A51, (2015) (pdf) (data)

P25:  "Benchmark stars for Gaia.Fundamental properties of the Population II star HD140283 from interferometric, spectroscopic and photometric data”, O. Creevey, F.Thévenin, P. Bério et al., A&A 575, A26 (2015) (pdf)


P24:  "A resolved, au-scale gas disk around the B[e] star HD 50138", L.E. Ellerbroek, M. Benisty, S.Kraus et al., A&A (2014) (pdf)

P23:  "Improving the surface-brightness color relation for early-type stars using optical interferometry”, M. Challouf, N. Nardetto, D. Mourard et al., A&A (2014) (pdf)

P22:  "Separated fringe packet observations with the CHARA Array. II. w Andromeda, HD 178911 and x Cephei”, C. Farrington, T. ten Brummelaar, D. Banerjee et al., AJ 148, 3 (2014) (pdf)


P21: "An unusal quadruple system ksi Tauri", Nemravova, Harmanec, Bencheikh et al. CEAB 37 (2013) (pdf)

P20: "The operation of VEGA/CHARA: from the scientific idea to the final products", Ligi R., Mourard D. Nardetto N. and Clausse JM, JAI 2 (2013) (pdf)

P19: "An interferometric study of the post-AGB binary 89 Herculis: I Spatially resolving the continuum environnement at optical and near-IR wavelengths with the VLTI, NPOI, IOTA, PTI and the CHARA Array", Hillen, Verhoelst, Van Winckel et al., A&A 559, A111 (2013) (pdf)

P18: "The fundamental parameters of the roAp star: 10 Aql", Perraut, Borgniet, Cunha et al., A&A 559, A21 (2013) (pdf)

P17: "Enhanced Halpha activity at periastron in the young and massive spectroscopic binary HD 200775", Benisty,  Perraut, Mourard et al., A&A, 555, 113 (2013) (pdf)

P16: "Spectrally resolved interferometric observations of a cep and physical modeling of fast rotating stars", Delaa, O., Zorec, J., Domiciano de Souza, A.  et al., A&A, 555, 100 (2013) (pdf)


P15: "The relationship between gam Cassiopeiae's X-ray emission and its circumstellar environment", Stee, Delaa, Monnier et al., A&A 545, A59 (2012) (pdf)

P14: "A new interferometric study of four exoplanet host stars: theta Cygni,14 Andromedae, ups Andromedae and 42 Draconis", Ligi, Mourard, Lagrange et al., A&A 545, A5 (2012) (pdf)

P13: "A high angular and spectral resolution view into the hidden companion of eps Aurigae", Mourard, Harmanec, Stencel et al., A&A 544, A91 (2012) (pdf)

P12: "The relationship between gamma Cassiopeaie's X-ary emission and its circumstellar environment", Smith, Lopes, Motch et al., A&A 540, A53 (2012) (pdf)


P11: "Chromosphere of K giant stars: geometrical extent and spatial structure detection", Bério, Merle, Thévenin et al., A&A 535, A59 (2011) (pdf)

P10: "The diameter of theCoRoT target HD49933. Matching the hydrodynamical limb darkening, asteroseismology and the VEGA/CHARA interferometric data", Bigot, Mourard, Thévenin et al.,  A&A 534, L3 (2011) (pdf)

P09: "The binary Be star delta Sco at high spectral and spatial resolution.I Orbital elements, disk geometry and kinematics before the 2011 periastron", Meilland, Delaa, Stee et al., A&A 532, A80 (2011)(pdf)

P08: "A large Halpha line forming region for the massive interactive binaries beta Lyrae and upsilon Sagitarii", Bonneau, Chesneau, Mourard et al., A&A 532, A148 (2011) (pdf)

P07: "Spatio-spectral encoding of fringes in optical long-baseline interferometry. Example of the3T and 4T recombining mode of VEGA/CHARA", Mourard, Bério, Perraut et al., A&A 531, A110 (2011) (pdf)

P06: "Kinematics and geometrical study of the Be stars 48 Per and psi Per with the VEGA/CHARA interferometer", Delaa, Stee, Meilland et al.,  A&A 529 (A87) (2011) (pdf)

P05: "The fundamental parameters of the roAp star gamma Equ", Perraut, Brandao, Mourard et al. , A&A 526 (A87) (2011) (pdf) (oifits data)

P04: "An investigation of the close environment of beta Cep with the VEGA/CHARA interometer", Nardetto, Mourard, Tallon-Bosc et al., A&A 525 (A67) (2011) (pdf)


P03: "Time, spatial and spectral resolution of the Halpha line-formation region of Deneb and Rigel with the VEGA/CHARA interometer", Chesneau, Dessart, Mourard et al., A&A 521, A5 (2010) (pdf)
P02: "The Halpha line forming region of AB Aur spatially resolved at sub-AU with the VEGA/CHARA spectro-interferometer", Perraut, Benisty, Mourard et al., A&A 516, (2010) (pdf)


P01: "VEGA: Principle and Performance", Mourard, Clausse, Marcotto et al., A&A 508 (2009) (pdf)

Publications with VEGA (others)

  1. VEGA technical description (SPIE Orlando 2006) (pdf)
  2. VEGA scientific description (SPIE Orlando 2006) (pdf)
  3. VEGA SPIE paper 2008 (pdf)
  4. "New generation photon-counting cameras": algol and CPNG, Applied Optics, Vol. 47, March 2008 (pdf)
  5. "Spectro-interferometric observations of interacting massive stars with VEGA/CHARA", Bonneau et al., Proceedings of the Brno Conf., jun. 2009 (pdf)
  6. "Results on a sample of Be stars observed with the VEGA/CHARA interferometer", Delaa et al., Proceedings of the SF2A Conf., jul. 2009 (pdf)
  7. "Performances and first science results with the VEGA/CHARA visible instrument", SPIE Conf. Proceedings 7734-12, (2010) (pdf)
  8. "Direct characterization of limb darkening dedicated to transit measurements and asteroseismology", CoRoT Meeting, Marseille, June 2011, R. Ligi (pdf, poster)
  9. "Performance, results, and prospects of the visible spectrograph VEGA on CHARA", SPIE Conf. Amsterdam (2012) (pdf)

We are also please to share the work done by a large team beyond our group and coordinated by Philippe Stee about the prospective of the science cases in visible interferometry: White Book on Visible Interferometry or arxiv/1703.02395.pdf 

Various slide presentations for VEGA

GI2T/REGAIN description (Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences 2000) (pdf)