Les présentations des séminaires passés sont téléchargeables ci-dessous. Slides from previous seminars can be downloaded here, see below.

 2020-07-07  C. Rampf  OCA, France  Shell-crossing & the origin of the cosmic structures
 2020-06-30  J. Zjupa  OCA, France  What makes a 'satellite' galaxy?
 2020-06-30  M. Moscu  OCA, France  Online Graph Topology Inference with Kernels
 2020-06-23  Y. Zhang  OCA, France  Manufacture of odd-shape small bodies in space
 2020-06-16  L. Bugnet  CEA, France  Characterising the surface dynamics and the internal magnetic field to understand red giants evolution
 2020-06-09  V. Reville  IRAP, France
 2020-06-02  R. Church  Lund University, Sweden  M67 Y2235: A star that has eaten a planet?
 2020-05-26  M. Delbo  OCA, France  When world fractures
 2020-05-26  F. Millour  OCA, France
 2020-05-19  B. Marcos  Laboratoire DIeudonné, France

 Collisional relaxation in long-range interacting systems

 2020-05-12  A. Longobardi  LAM, France
 2020-05-05  C. Laporte  KAVLI IMPU, Japan
 2020-04-28  O. Lai  OCA, France  Optical turbulence: think globaly, act locally
 2020-03-10  A. Nanni  LAM, France Investigating the physical processes driving the evolution of gas, metals, and dust in local and high-redshift low metallicity galaxies
 2020-03-03  P. Henri  OCA, France  Exploratory space missions: space as a plasma physics laboratory
 2020-02-25  N. Porqueres  Imperial College London, UK
 2020-02-11  P. Mabey  LULI, Ecole Polytechnique, France  Studying the interplay between plasmas and magnetic fields in the laboratory
 2020-02-04  M. Turbet  Observatoire de Genève, Switzerland
 2020-01-29  D. Baratoux  Geosciences Environment Toulouse, Midi-Pyrennées Observatory, IRD, France  The African Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences
 2020-01-21  V. D'Orazi  Observatorio di Padova  Spectroscopic characterisation of very young systems in our Galaxy: from stellar clusters, associations, and stars down to sub-stellar objects
 2020-01-14  F. Lacasa  IAS, France  Cosmology with galaxies: the small-scale miracle
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