Call for papers

The IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing is a unique meeting that brings members of the IEEE Signal Processing Society together with researchers from allied fields such as bioinformatics, communication, and statistics. The scope of the workshop includes basic theory, methods and algorithms, and applications in the following areas:

Theoretical topics

  • Adaptive systems and signal processing
  • Monte Carlo methods
  • Detection and estimation theory
  • Learning theory and pattern recognition
  • Multivariate statistical analysis
  • System identification and calibration
  • Time-frequency and time-scale analysis

Application areas

  • Bioinformatics and genomic signal processing
  • Automotive and industrial applications
  • Array processing, radar, and sonar
  • Communication systems and networks
  • Sensor networks
  • Information forensics and security
  • Biosignal processing and medical imaging
  • New methods, directions, and applications

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