Seen in the international press (2015)

Gizmag, October 14, 2015: Asteroid Impact Mission sets sights on new laser communications record (click here)

MTV News, October 8, 2015: NASA And The ESA Have Teamed Up To Save The World From Armageddon (click here)

Christianity Daily, October 8, 2015: Project AIDA: NASA and ESA Join Forces for Earth-Saving Mission Against Giant Asteroids (click here)

Spaceflight Insider, October 7, 2015: NASA and ESA Team Up For World-Saving Mission (click here)

Futurism, October 6, 2015: NASA and ESA Will Team Up to Save the World from Asteroid Armageddon (click here)

iflscience, October 6, 2015: NASA And ESA Hope To Redirect An Asteroid By Smashing A Spacecraft Into It (click here)

Astro Watch, October 6, 2015: NASA and ESA Team Up for World Saving Space Mission (click here)

Sympatico, October 6, 2015: Les agences spatiales se préparent à « l’Armageddon » (click here)

Sci-News, October 5, 2015: AIDA: NASA and ESA Announce Double Mission to Asteroid Didymos (click here)

Huffington post, October 2, 2015: Space Agencies Team Up Against Killer Asteroids (click here)

Times of India, October 2, 2015: Experts to hold space drill to save Earth (click here)

Wired, October 1, 2015: Nasa and ESA target 'Didymoon' for asteroid deflection test (click here)

Fortune, September 30, 2015: Scientists prepare asteroid mission to practice saving the earth (click here)

ITV, September 30, 2015: European Space Agency plans asteroid mission as practice run for saving the earth (click here)

Dailymail, September 30, 2015: The experiment that could save the Earth: Researchers to crash probe into an asteroid to try and alter its course (click here), September 30, 2015: AIDA double mission to divert Didymos asteroid’s Didymoon (click here)

Popular Science, September 30, 2015: NASA and ESA will move a small moon by slamming a spacecraft into it (click here)

Le Figaro, April 14, 2015: La Terre prépare sa défense contre la menace des astéroïdes (click here)

Tech Time, April 4, 2015: ESA and NASA To Collaborate on Asteroid Smashing Mission (click here)

SEN, March 15, 2015: Cubesats compete to hitch a lift to a binary asteroid (click here)

Gizmag, February 28, 2015: ESA offers CubeSats a deep space ride on asteroid mission (click here)