The MPO science coffee is a monthly meeting to exchange and discuss the activities of our extended team (thematic team + second affiliation MPO engineers + invited research staff from the MPO mailing list), share important results, recent updates, and exciting findings around a coffee. The configuration of these meetings is informal with different types of intervention, from the presentation of a topic by a given team member or guest to the scientific forum, including a round table to discuss our works, foster the scientific animation, and stimulate the internal and transverse exchanges of the MPO team. As these meetings will take place at lunch time (1pm), feel free to bring you own lunch if you wish.

Guillaume DOYEN and Coline LOPEZ are in charge of the MPO science coffee.
Feel free to contact them if you would like to present your work.


Affiliation Title
2021-04-12 David Mary OCA, France Tracing the cosmic web through Lyman alpha emission in Muse data
2021-03-29 Round Table
2021-03-22 Round Table
2021-03-08  W.GUERIN  INPHYNI (Nice/Valbonne, France) Intensity interferometry for the 21st century



Affiliation Title
2020-09 to 2020-12 Weekly (virtual) MPO Coffee
2020-03-05  E. MICHAEL  FCFM, Chili  A new approach to mid-infrared heterodyne interferometry
2020-03-02  S. LOMBARDO  LAM, France  The Calar Alto Schmidt-Lemaitre Telescope: an innovative telescope concept for wide field astronomy
2020-02-24  R. LAUGIER  OCA, France  Angular Differential Kernel-phases (ADK): when ADI meets interferometric observables
2020-02-18  N. CVETOJEVIC  OCA, France  Kernel-Nulling Interferometry with Cool Photonics                                   


Affiliation Title
 2019-12-09  Round table
 2019-12-02  R. FETICK  LAM, France

PSF estimation and image deconvolution for adaptive optics: application to asteroids observed with SPHERE/Zimpol

 2019-11-22  R. GALICHER  LESIA, France  High contrast imaging : from the THD2 laboratory to SPHERE at VLT
 2019-11-18  P. JANIN-POTIRON  LAM, France  Seeking for the ultimate wavefront sensor - Probing the free-parameters space of Fourier-filtering wavefront sensors with the LOOPS v2.0 testbed
 2019-09-16  O. BELTRAMO-MARTIN  LAM, France  Enabling accurate PSF estimation for optimal exploitation of AO images
 2019-06-03  V. CHAMBOULEYRON  LAM, France  Modal gain optimization of the Pyramid Wave-Front Sensor using a convolutive model: from theory to experimental validation
 2019-05-13  C. VEILLET  LBT Observatory, USA  To interfere or not to interfere? A challenging dilemma for the Large Binocular Telescope Observatory
 2019-05-06  N. CVETOJEVIC  OCA, France  Astrophotonics spectroscopy and interferometry
 2019-04-15  C. BUISSET  NARIT, Thailand  Development status of the Evanescent Wave Coronagraph
 2019-04-08  R. JUANOLA PARRAMON  NASA Goddard and University of Maryland, USA  Detecting exoplanets with the next generation of space telescopes: a technical perspective
 2019-04-03  F. CANTALLOUBE  MPIA, Germany  Image processing for exoplanet imaging
 2019-03-18  O. LAI  OCA, France  AIRFLOW, first results at the CFHT and at UH 2,2m
 2019-03-18  A. CEAU  OCA, France  Kernel-Phase Detection Limits: Hypothesis Testing and the Case of JWST NIRISS full Pupil Images.
 2019-01-19  Y.-Y. DING  Shanghai Astronomical Observatory  Speckle Imaging at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
 2019-01-19  X.-Y. CHEN  Shanghai Astronomical Observatory  Introduction of the Co-phasing Test-beds for Fizeau-type Optical Interferometer
at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
 2019-01-14  J. KAMMERER  Nationale Australian University, Australia  Kernel anaysis of VLT/NACO archival data in L-band


Affiliation Title
 2018-12-13  C. LANTHERMAN  UGA, France  Photon counting with the C-RED ONE commercial near-infrared e-APD camera, application to optical interferometry
 2018-11-23  P. TUTHILL  U. of Sidney, Australia  Hunting for dragons and aliens
 2018-10-29  A. CARLOTTI  IPAG, France  High-contrast imaging at high spectral resolution: preparing for ELT first light & what could come next
 2018-10-23  M. QUINTAVALLA, S. BONORA  CNR, Padoue, Italy  Can adaptive optics replace deformable mirrors?
 2019-09-21  R. LAUGIER  OCA, France  Kernel-phase analysis on saturated images: interpolation method and application to HST
 2018-09-04  Round table
 2018-07-11  Round table
 2018-04-27  L. LEBOULLEUX  STScI/LAM, USA  Sensitivity analysis of segmented telescopes for high-contrast imaging
 2018-04-20  F. MARTINACHE  OCA, France  KERNEL: the robust angular resolution?
 2018-02-12  R. ROUGEOT  ESA, the Netherlands  Diffraction modelling for solar coronagraphy: application to ASPIICS
 2018-02-05  A. GUESALAGA  PUC, Chile  On-sky results of an online profiler for the Adaptive Optics Facility
 2018-02-02  C. BUISSET  NARIT, Thailand  Development status of the Evanescent Wave Coronagraph
 2018-01-15   Round table


 Speaker Affiliation Title
 2017-11-24  Jacques-Robert DELORME  CalTech, USA  Recent progress in high-contrast imaging in California
 2017-11-13  Bruno LOPEZ  OCA  Last news from MATISSE
 2017-10-10   Round table
 2017-09-15   Round table
 2017-07-17  Massinissa HADJARA  UCN, Chile  Study of the mass loss of the evolved stars by high angular resolution
 2017-06-19   Round table
 2017-05-22   Denis MOURARD  OCA  Stellar Parameters and Images with a Cophased Array
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