Asteroid Collaborative Research via Occultation Systematic Survey

ACROSS combines the immense accuracy of Gaia stellar data with precision timing of predicted occultations, to derive from ground asteroid positions at Gaia-level accuracy, extending the time-coverage of Gaia, drastically reducing orbital uncertainties and significantly improving NEA risk assessment. 

Our immediate goal is to support and coordinate campaigns of occultations by the asteroid Didymos, the target of the NASA/DART and ESA/Hera missions.

ACROSS goals

Stellar occultations provide extremely accurate asteroid positions to study their dynamics. Check the GOALS of the ACROSS project.

ACROSS tutorials

How to obtain useful measurements? Which equipment do you need? We provide TUTORIALS for the observers.

ACROSS predictions

Main events and tools to know where and when to observe. We compute optimized PREDICTIONS for our critical targets.

ACROSS results

A summary of preliminary RESULTS obtained in the observation of occultations by Near Earth Asteroids.


News about the ACROSS project and quick updates on our campaign are provided by the BLOG pages.


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