Observers are invited to register and review the Occultation Portal ( where the high priority events among our predictions are also accessible. Use Occultation Portal to provide your results! Note that the full list of other more difficult events are still available only in the files that can be downloaded from the ACROSS web site,"predictions" page. 

We have recently updated our predictions of NEA occultations both on our website ( and in  OccultWatcher ( For the  first set, February and March, we failed to account that a lot of  events would not be observable in any landmass, resulting in flooding  OccultWatcher with unusable occultations. Steps were taken to make  sure this doesn't happen, and the feeds for April and May were  filtered to only include events with viable observability. The  unfiltered sets of predictions can still be found on our website.

At the end of each month, we will be updating our predictions on both  sources, and we will send a reminder for anyone interested to  participate in our campaigns. For now, the visible events are those for April and May.

After a lightcurve is obtained, it is necessary to convert it into the astrometric data of the asteroid, which will then be used to refine the asteroid’s orbit. Here we compare the results obained by the open source SORA astrometry module, to the approach based on the bayesian model sampler DIAMONDS.

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